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If you are NOT here, it's only because I don't know Norm's whole list by heart, so send me your request to be listed, and I will do it! Janet Fisher

Norm Perry
List Founder (i.e., Instigator)

Norm Perry


Don Younker



Alex Pangman

Lamar Pecorino


John and Rita Funnell


Leah Christensen

Leah Christensen






Colin from England (with Buddy Childers)



Patty Ashton
Patty Ashton



Lee Potts


Richard Harrison
Richard Harrison


Ty Settlemier


Jim Temple

Lee Patty Jim

Lee Potts, Patty Ashton & Jim Temple




G & Y

Yolanda & Gene Ehrich


Janet Fisher

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John Pashley Ivan Santiago
Ed Dente Send to:

Janet Fisher
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Robert Lenhart

LIST LEADER as of Feb. 2001 ...

thanks for taking a turn !

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Dale Van Blair

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