Song Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions

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Lyric winners listed after the song mentions. Stellar job, all, well done!


1st Place
Alan Guno for UNITED

2nd Place
Bonnie Warren for CAN'T BREAK OUR SPIRIT

3rd Place
Michael George Band for HERE'S TO LOVE

4th - 5th Place
John Bachman for We Stand By You Like A Rock
Thomas & King
for Fallen


Honorable Mentions: This is Janet's List. Everyone on it deserves applause. There are people on this list that I thought should have also won. There were four judges in this event. Thanks to all of you talented, willing, wonderful songwriters. I wish I had nothing to do but listen to your songs.

Also, remember, that this judging was not based only on the qualities of songwriting, but what the host of the United We Roll World Tour Radio Show thought would be perfect for her theme song. So your song may have been a really good song, but not appropriate for her show in her eyes (or ears, as it were).

These are in no particular ORDER -- except for the first three, which I thought were wonderful, and appropriate for the show, and I want to compliment them on their "WAY ABOVE THE BAR" work. But ANYONE in this list should be proud and know that I believe you have something special in your work.
Dick Eastman - Heroes In Our Midst * * * * * *
Thomas & King - Fallen * * * * *
Rodney A. Henderson -TOGETHER WE ROCK AND UNITED WE ROLL * * * * *
gerick - infantry blues * * *
Caitlin Nicole Eadie - Remember the Children * * *
The Ridge Riders - Red, White, & Blue... These Colors Don't Run* * *
Brett Barnes - United We Roll  * * *
koiomo - Thank You * * *
Busted Flat - Freedom Ain't Free * *
Paul Monaci - Heroes of the 4th I D * * *
Nelson Trout - Ridin' Out The Storm * *
Tim Keesee - He's A Vet * * *
Peter Ivanovich - Soldier's Hymn * * *
Mark Daniel - Mark Upon The World * * *
Gary Sneedon - Freedom And Democracy * *
Alexandra R. Lajoux - We Thank You * * *
Kim McDaniel - Thank You * * *
Ron Meyers - America Is My Home * *
Tom Storms - Rolling Together * * *
Michelle Hudson & Barbara Hartwell - Beside You We Stand * * *
Jennifer Rae -  "Closer Than Before" * *
Kevin Chauvette - Oh, Say (Can You See) * * *
Derrick Procell - Rollin' On * *
dd star music productions - An American Dream
Ipso Facto Records - Ante Up
Wayne Ammons - These Colors Don't Run
Brooks Monk - My Thanks Is Not Enough
Josh Estrada - Last Letters, New Tears
Dan Lowe -We Are America
JANINE BILYEU - Soldier's Prayer
Lin Cremore - Baby Come Home
Judy Tellerman - You Didn't Have To Do It
Jackie Carlyle - KEEP FIGHTING
MEDIA-X - Standing Up Tall
Thomas Pelc -You And I And America
DMORR - Come On America
APR Music Group LLC - Make It Home
The Spiders - These Colors Don't Run
Jeff Ashbaker - We Shall Stand Free
Rhonda Rosalee - Prelude to Combat
Jeanne Luedke - Proud to be an American
Jim Veazy - Old Glory
Charles Green The Red White And Blue
Louis Valore - United We Roll

Bob Gora - I Love My Country

LYRIC WINNER and Honorable Mentions for the RADIO SHOW THEME CONTEST:

$25.00 Prize
Lyric Honorable Mentions (in random order, you all did a wonderful job):
Will Thomas - Don't Forget
Joe Lefebre – United We Roll
Kris Miller / M A Burnette- I Am My Brother's Keeper
Jackie Carlyle – Keep Fighting
Brian Holcombe – I Remember
Joanie Brown – United We Roll
Ron Hollis – That’s Why I Pledge
Susan Curry – God Knows
Timothy Davis – My Duty I Must Do
Tracy-Kate - What’s Beautiful To Me
Phil Bray – Rubicon
David Poulin – Blood & Tears
Mike Hyden – Black and White
Will Thomas - Merry Christmas From Iraq

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