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June 9 - 19, 1999

Hello everyone. It is June 9.
Today's Topic makes me MAD!!!! Read on down the page.

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TODAY's TOPIC ~ Rip Off Compilations

Because I am a Songwriter first, (closely followed by Publisher and Producer), I get the same letters others writers do, full of promises and ideas and all kinds of guarantees about how "Project A" is going to be the "greatest production of the millennium" or how this "record company" will "distribute this CD to Film and Television or Radio Stations for airplay." All they want me (as a Songwriter) to do is send them anywhere from $250- $1500 to be "part of this incredible record." The last pitch I got for one of these had a one paragraph "record contract", and all I had to do to "reserve" my spot was send this guy $600.

This practice disgusts me. Very few of these companies have ties with the Major Entertainment Industries. Most of the time, their "guarantee" to distribute these CDs means throwing them in an envelope, addressing them generically (i.e., "Paramount Pictures Music Department"), never taking a meeting face to face with anyone who can make a decision, etc. They are making their money (and their studio friends are making money if they "re-cut" your song) from YOUR payment for your slot on the CD. ESPECIALLY in the case of the last fellow, who would place ANYone on his compilation, regardless of song quality, as long as they cough up the $600. Can you imagine the songs that will be on this thing? You would be stigmatized just from the association with a project like this if you tried to send it out to the real Industries. If there is a gem sent here, it will be lost among the lumps of coal.

Let me emphasize this point again, in case any of you didn't catch it in the topics that came before... A REAL RECORD COMPANY WILL NOT CHARGE YOU MONEY TO RECORD YOUR SONG. Real record companies who plan on making sales will pay you a mechanical royalty for each of your songs they produce to a record, i.e. THEY PAY YOU. (They do NOT suggest that you to make your money back from selling copies to your friends and family.) Pretty clear, right? THEY PAY YOU TO PRODUCE YOUR SONG TO A RECORD. If a song is good enough, and the record company is legitimate, the writer should not have to pay for recording. The writer has to pay for demos... and if those demos are good enough to be masters in certain situations, fine. But to have a song, and have a "record company" charge you to put it out is ludicrous. Save your money for the next demo.





Well, as of this writing, all Christmas material has been reviewed. Your tapes and CDs are one of three places.

1. In the box to be sent a letter that it was not right for this project (provided you sent a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope.)

2. In the box that says "SIGN", which means the writers will be called, and contracts will be discussed.

3. In the box that says "Maybe", which means the producer will review with a decision on which box (#1. or #2.) that tape might go.

The letters concerning the material already in box #1 will be in the mail by May 28. If you receive a letter, please read it carefully. Some of you will be invited to pitch us again.
The calls concerning the material in the "sign" box, will be initiated by June 15th.
The material still being decided on may be up to four weeks after that.
If you have not heard from one of us by June 30, you may email me or call our voicemail.

NO MATERIALS are returned. The tape/CD is physically destroyed if we do not sign it, and other materials are shredded. (We used to try to erase the tapes and donate them to Songwriter Organizations, but there is just no time for that now, and we receive too many tapes to reprocess in any way.) This is for everyone's protection. Thanks for understanding.

If you are waiting for a response to a tape that was sent in that is NOT something specifically requested, your tape has probably not been listened to. Until we finish the two projects we are working on, we won't be listening to that enormous box of songs.


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