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  • If you have questions about licensing a song for a film, commercial, tv show, project or product, please call. We are EXPERIENCED, reliable, discreet, and ethical. We have a 30 year history in professional licensing. We can help you license the popular songs that you know, or help you license unknown material that sounds like major label music.

    Our partial-hour and hourly consultation rates are by far the most affordable of any office with our experience. We are also available for supervision or on a project basis.

    1/2 Hour Consultation: $45.00

    1 Hour Consultation: $80.00

    For project rates, please call and speak with us: (808) 331-0707


    Writers who would like to submit songs specifically ask asked for by our publishing company or record label may subscribe to our Newsletter. There are no charges to submit material for specific projects listed in the newsletter; the writer simply sends exactly what we ask for, as posted in that issue of the news.

    If you belong to a Songwriter Organization, or College
    that sponsors lecture tours or music business events, and you would like to
    Janet Fisher as a guest teacher, speaker or host of a
    Song Review, please have your spokesperson inquire by phone
    (808) 331-0707
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  • FEES: Private Sessions
    To schedule any consultation, song screening or class, simply call us at (808) 331-0707. In lieu of using a credit card, you may simply include a check or money order with your song package, if you prefer.

    Phone Review (by appointment only)
    Writer may submit material ahead of time via snail-mailed package (or via MP3 and emailed lyric sheet) for a song review. When we receive your package and payment, we email you to set an appointment that is convenient to us both. We call you (or you can call us) at that time, and we review your song(s), and/or consult on music business and career issues. Appointments only as available. We can usually review two songs in 30 minutes. Just call or email for an appointment.

    $45.00 (30 minutes)
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  • You may also suggest or request a production, consultation or review, if not listed above. All credit card transactions are secured. Again, in lieu of using a credit card, you may simply include a check or money order with your song package, if you prefer.

    Janet Fisher is well-versed in all areas of songwriter/artist areas regarding the music business. Her early music life was performing, her songs are featured in films and television shows, along with songs from her independent publishing catalog.

    Fisher has produced icon songwriters, as well as exciting new artists.

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    We can help produce any project -- from the selection and stance of material, through promotional ideas and contacts. We work with very few artists and writers in this arena, as we give the project our entire company's focus during our contract.

    The Goodnight Kiss song catalog has a proven track record in the TV and Film industry, and continues to provide a great variety of quality songs, even in the "left-field" request area. We have been responsible for producing live productions for a number of organizations, such as the Songwriters Guild of America. Our label is small, but pristine in songwriting and artistry. Our "topic specific" compilations make up rich tapestries of audio art, and our artist releaes are individual gems. All of our material is available at iTunes and here, at Goodnight Kiss.

    We have many other samples of our production skills and credits, both in the studio and live. Simply call our office, explain what you need, and we will tell you how we might contribute.

    Please contact our office, if you need production services: (808) 331-0707.

    We also participate in and host many FREE events, which will be in our newsletter, as they happen.

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