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I admit it.  I blew it.  And I was prepared.  WHAT HAPPENED???!!

As I write this, it is late Saturday afternoon.  This morning, I attended a conference at which
I participated in a panel (one of my favorite things, as I love to hear about all kinds of
people's experiences and share mine).  But I blew it.

I have been to dozens of conferences and music conventions, on both "sides" of the dais
over the many years I have pursued music.  How could I have today done such a poor job,
especially considering how "magic" many of the panels have been in the past?  Let's take
a close look.  Maybe one of us can benefit from my mistake.

First, the Event.  It was IndieNation, a gathering held at the Universal Sheraton just north of
Hollywood.  Nice venue. Event hosted by L.A.Women In Music, a nice group of professional
music ladies.  This panel was hosted by Jeannie Novak of  IndieSpace, another talented artist
with a great business sense.  On the panel with me was Mark Northam (Co-Founder of 
Film Music Network), Samm Brown (KPFK Radio Show and Artist Manager), Jon Flanagan
(Flanagan Radio & Retail Promotion),  Melanie Robins (Indie Funding Coordinator), Anu Kirk
(Market Developement Manager), and LaurieZ (Independent Artist) .  Everyone made good
points, and had something to offer.

My agenda list had 7 things to talk about.  I figured I'd be able to hit 5 topics if I hurried. 
I should have realized with the number of panelists that we would be on shorter time, and
picked 2 or 3 of my points.

I really wanted to talk about the publishing differences I've seen in the Industry in the last
twelve years, and how our company has begun looking for new ways to use what we have
learned about traditional publishing with new product and venues for this product, as well as
traditional shopping and placement.  (That was actually the basic question that had been
asked of me.)

I wanted to also talk about the fact that though our company only produces a few projects a
year, those are very special, and ANYone who fits what we are looking for is given an opportunity
to pitch for it. 

I wanted to follow the course of traditional licensing and new packaging and approaches of
mixing and matching during the production of our special numbered and limited editions we
do of "Silver Bells", "When Sunny Gets Blue & Scarlet Ribbons", the Jack Segal Project, the
Music Horror Stories book project, the Christmas CD... some of the details of our marketing
and promo plans for these, and future directions.  In lieu of this, I wanted to ask the audience
what they wanted to know about publishing.

Did any of that happen?  No.  Why not??  I'm not positive, but I believe it was because I wanted
to respond and interact with some of the things said by the other guests.  I started with the points
I intended to start with (1. decide what you want to do EXACTLY, because all paths of pursuit
are different, and 2. that you/your act has to have something REALLY special to separate you
from the crowd), but somehow ended up on Intellectual Property and ethics.

Aarrggghhh.  My time was up.  Two more panelists to go.

Here's even more of a rub. 

The L.A. Music Connection Magazine THIS WEEK printed a Publisher-dedicated issue,
and super-author-columnist Dan Kimpel wrote a wonderful feature about our company. 
It was released YESTERDAY.  Did I mention that article?  Did I add anything to what I
had said in the magazine interview?  Emphasize any important points from it?

Nope.  Nothing.  Nada.  I missed it.  The chance to share what was really important to me
and to my company.  What we were doing. What we had to offer.  WHY WE EXIST.

What did I learn from this?  Stick to my own list.  Prioritize even more.  Remember why
I am here, to reflect my COMPANY and product, not my causes (unless of course the
topic IS the cause, but that's not what I was trying to do today!)  Without product, there is
no company (and for songwriters, we encourage you to be PART of the product, not the
financier of it, that should have definitely been said).

And most of all?  Learn to correct what I did, purge myself through the newsletter and site,
pass the lesson along, and then let it go.

Since Thurs., Oct 26 (7:00 pm, if you are attending!) at the SGA,
I am hosting an Internet Panel,  I PROMISE, if you come, I'll
stick to the list.  (SGA 323-462-1108 for RSVP).


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