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Janet Fisher:

Jack Segal: When Sunny Gets Blue, Scarlet Ribbons, And Other Songs I Wrote

Janet Fisher: I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus

Goodnight Kiss Various Artists: And To All A Goodnight

Goodnight Kiss Various Artists: Addiction: Highs & Lows

Goodnight Kiss Various Artists: Rhythm Of Honor

Goodnight Kiss Various Artists: Osama: Tall Tales of Osama


Janet Fisher Honored for RHYTHM OF HONOR Efforts

A United States flag was flown for the entire day on Sept. 10, 2005, over Camp Fallujah, Iraq, in honor of Janet Fisher; and recently delivered to a very surprised same. More here.


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  1. GREAT HYMNS contest concluded, CD being mastered


  3. HIRAGANA SONG - gaining popularity on iTunes!

  4. RHYTHM OF HONOR CD: Now being played on Stardust radio!

  5. ADDICTION: Highs & Lows: Still fine play on 12-step radio, work is being done on a visual presentation with the songs as back up.

  6. MUSIC HORROR STORIES: New promo campaign, review by pro journalist

  7. AND TO ALL A GOODNIGHT: New reviews coming and new campaigns planned for the Christmas season

  8. TALL TALES: Still at about 100 CD sales away from second printing and release on this biting political parody.

  9. JACK SEGAL and JANET FISHER CDs doing well.

  10. PUBLISHED CATALOG WRITERS, INCLUDING INSTRUMENTALS: Always presented for the appropriate call. Our music was used in 5 of a 7-set commercial shoot in LA.

  11. PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS available at this time, with approximately 1-2 weeks notice. Call the office to check the schedule, to get the next projected times.

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Statutory Mechanical Royalty Rates
The statutory mechanical rate for royalties pays
to writer, to publisher for every copy sold if the
playing time for the song is under five minutes.

On January 1, 2006, the rates went up to 9 per song (or 1.75
per minute, for every song 5 minutes or over).

That means 4.5 cents due the writer and 4.5 cents due the publisher, per song, per unit pressed, is owed the administrator of the copyright (usually the publisher collects for both, then pays the writer). If you press 500 records (the minimum payment considered), the fee owed for the entire mechanical royalty is $45.00 (22.50 for the writer, 22.50 for the publisher). This payment is due at the time of manufacture, NOT upon a sale.

The Copyright Office statutory royalty rates link:



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Our company works with single songs of master quality, and style is determined by what the Industry calls us for at the time. Since we publish mainly for Film and TV, our needs are varied, but time-oriented and specific. We do occasionally use instrumental songs, but we do not find work for composers or promote library music. (We can only place what the Industry is requesting at the time.)

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Beginning writers and artists should read through the articles listed on the

I recommend:
"Don't Dream It, DO It"

"The Blue Dress" and also, "Nobody Cares"

We also occasionally list other publishers looking for things in the newsletter. Sorry, but please do NOT send anything we don't specifically ask for. Understand that we get, literally, 150 - 400 emails per DAY, asking career questions, discussing industry practices, requesting that we review material -- and the truth is, it is ONLY the uses of our song catalogue, along with the sales of our fine products, that keeps our company alive.

It is from those earnings that new projects are created, and new music might be licensed -- so that is where we must spend our time.
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