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Jan 27-31, 1999 -- Decca Folds?

Welcome all. PLEASE NOTE: It is January 27. It is EARLY! I had one of those

It seems to me the Industry is in great chaos, especially in Country. Decca Nashville closed its doors last Tuesday.

Ah! You sadly ponder, how can a label with a No. 1 record on the charts (Little Past Little Rock), a No.1 female act (LeeAnn Womak), a No.1 male act (Mark Chestnutt), and a world-class producer (Mark Wright) as the head of the label fold???

Tsk, tsk, not sad at all. In this case, "fold" is not "fail." What is most successful business today? Corporate business. With corporations, all things seem possible. Decca Nashville just "folded" back into MCA...where all three of the above mentioned will still be viable forces.

Let's go back a few years. (Let's stay hypothetical, just for the record.) Say I had a Country Label, Janet Records. I do my homework, I court Radio, etc. Now I have a bigger label, more talent. I court the same Radio (yes, and etc.), but, by law, there are only so many spots that Janet Records can have, sorry.

I incorporate, and open Hollywood Girl Records. I have Kelie head that operation, give her my contact list for Radio, etc, and voila! Twice the play, but basically only slightly more overhead. When things slow down, Kelie gets to come back here, and we keep making music.

What do you think? Let me know.


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