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April 13-April 20

TODAY'S TOPIC ~ A Blue Dress

Let's take a point of view, in this case a girl seeking a Blue Dress for a special event. She knows the exact shade of blue that brings out the best color of her eyes and skin tone. She wants a particular shimmer to the fabric, and cut exactly right in the style most attractive to her. She also wants something that's currently fashionable, but has a bit of a retro feel. She knows she will be the hit of the party in this dress, if only she can find it. It must also be within her budget, though she is willing to spend more than the average amount if she finds the PERFECT Blue Dress.

This girl, floating on her vision, goes shopping. At the first shop, the salesperson says, I know you are looking for blue, but this is a great peach, and looks lovely against your skin. The girl tries to be nice, but explains (again) that she seeks a Blue Dress. The salesperson shows her shades of green, brown, purple...but never anything close to blue. As the girl leaves, she is told, You'll never find a dress like that.

At the next shop, the salesperson says, Yes! I have the Perfect Blue Dress! And brings forward a beautiful Blue Dress that is all the wrong style. The girl explains in more detail how the color is right, but the cut must be just right, and a shinier fabric. The person behind the counter brings all kinds of Blue Dresses, but sadly all the wrong types. As the girl leaves, she hears, You'll never find a dress like that, so sorry.

At the next shop, and the next, the girl gets closer and closer to what she wants. She also gets very tired of trying on dresses, getting more discouraged, though she has seen three frocks that were at least Blue Dresses. Now, most probably this girl will do one of several very human things. Stop looking, take one of the three dresses, wearing it once without joy, resenting spending the money, feeling like she has to make excuses to herself for it. Or, perhaps, she will keep looking, or ask the maker of the dress to alter it to fit what she had in mind and hopefully keep the integrity of the style of the designer, which could be wonderful or a disaster. She might give up and wear something she had, not costing anything. She might keep looking until the last minute, and she might actually find it.

Now. Let's pretend I am the Producer or Director of a Film or Television show (or a Recording Artist or a Publisher or anyone who can get your song cut.) Let's play like the song I need is the Blue Dress. All the other dresses were very nice, in color and style and fabric. But NOT what I have in mind. I want a Blue Dress.

That's the Reality/analogy in my experience. What do you think?

Note: Truly, I wrote this partly because of the Christmas Pitch. Some of you may not make the project. It may have NOTHING to do with your song, but I may need a Blue Dress. Do you see? There is always a pitch somewhere. I applaud your efforts at writing and sending. You are taking the needed steps toward your career. Well done.

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