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Jan 30 - Feb 3, 1999 -- Today's Topic: Groove

Last night I was thinking, analyzing, trying to remember what first made me feel music. We are talking WAY back, now. The first songs I remember are the nursery rhyme songs, like "Pop! Goes the Weasal" and "This Old Man." I sure didn't have a clue what a "mulberrry bush" was, so it wasn't image.

It was groove. GROOVE??? In that??? Yes. Think about it... one, two, three, FOUR! All around the Mulberry BUSH!

Now granted, I am sure I was charmed by the lyric of "knick-knack-paddy-whack-give-a-dog-a-bone" in This Old Man...but again, I have to say it was the groove of that. The fun in the syncopation.

Music, historically, was for the purpose of dancing, i.e., take the American Native Indian... HEY,yah,yah,yah, HEY,ya,ya,ya... Groove. Now you all know I am a lyric lover...(words am my life, heh)... but let's always remember, a GREAT song draws you in with the groove.

I get some terrific songs lyrically that are totally groove-less. They lay there in a melodic rut in the verses, and offer no fresh excitement in the chorus or, even more demanding of an area, the bridge. I am not saying one outweighs the other in value. Just remember to have both.

When you see me, tell me to write more, ok?




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