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Feb 24 - Feb 28, 1999
My topic of choice today is so simple, but it took me years of writing and listening to figure out. I have been sharing it in my classes, and now I want to share it here.

I Need Heroes

I want to have heroes. I miss them. I celebrate them. I want to be a hero. I want to make a difference, to matter, to help. I want to be a hero to myself as well as others. (No, I'm not girl scouting you, I am making a point.) Most people on the planet seek a better life. (Some have it a bit wrong about what makes a better life, but that's another topic.) Almost everyone has, wants, or wants to be a hero in some way.

My point is, that we should love, identify, cheer-on, and pretty much want to be, (or already feel we are) the hero in your song. Yes, in my opinion, there better be one. It can be the singer (the truest commercial way), the subject of the song (Mama), an outside saving force (the stranger who came to the rescue), or even something less physical, (i.e. hope). The best songs we love, the ones that have lasted a LIFETIME, all have heros in them somewhere. And they are not (as figures) robotic, above human capability, gods (ok, some songs are about God, hard to beat that hero, but that's also another topic)... you know what I am saying. NOW! Some of the best songs voice a complaint, and yet, by gosh, there is STILL a hero there, somewhere.

If you are writing a lament, we need something endearing about the lamenter that makes us WANT to indulge his complaint. If he just whines for three verses about what a rotten woman his ex is for leaving him, we might think she was right by the end of the song... unless he can convince us why she should have wanted (and we would have wanted) to stay with him. Again, I'm sure you can go seek out a song that's a Standard that doesn't have a hero, but I'd like to see it, and know why you LOVE it (might be for the artist, but probably not the song.) And I'd still wager your top ten favorites would have heroes more than not.

o look at your songs and see where the heroes are.
Let me know if you disagree.



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