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Jan 24 - Jan 28, 1999
Today's Topic: Keep It Real

I was cruising through the Net, looking for someone who could design something for our company. I found the most incredible artist. I knew he was WAY out of our budget (his work was GREAT, not to mention a client list that ANYone would kill for,) but I had to inquire about it anyway.

You all have had letters from me, and know that I am quite "relaxed" in the way I compose a letter. (I have been criticized for this more than once, but it is who I am, and that is how I write.) Do you know that by actually being honest, and "real", he gave me consideration? The letter back was a response to being a "person" behind the letter, not just another inquiry. Ok, Janet, get to the darn point!

I think that we all are "someone". I think that we are all "guided" to represent what is "accepted" as norm "for our own good", but that is not always in our BEST, most personal interest.

In all things, ESPECIALLY SONGS, or even letters, the payoff is by being REAL. By taking the BEST of what is the essence of "you" and projecting that in everything. Besides, it cuts a lot of wasted time unwrapping and gets right to the goods.

You all know that a song should be conversational. Are you writing like you make conversation? Is it that natural and real? Are you actually SAYING something? Is it something YOU would say, and would you say it LIKE that? Is there an element of "you" in that song that we can love?

Is that song you just wrote, that song in your hand, is that something that you BELIEVE? Do you love it and believe it as much as you do your favorite song by someone else? REALLY?? (If you HONESTLY don't, how can we?)

It starts with the initial writing. When I hit the chord or word that I don't like, it's gone, or at least, changed in the re-write. No forcing to fit, little pushing at all. I think that's where the "not real" feel hits the forcing. Anyway, that's my thought for the day. Keep it real.

Hang in there, when you see me, tell me to spend more time Songwriting, ok?



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