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2001 Collection of Napster, Links and Articles

FOUR Articles on ... PROS and CONS
March 2001
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1. Increases Their D.A.M. CD Prices
2. Becomes Pay-To-Play
3. Why I Could Never Use The Licensing Program As A Music Publisher
4. Three GREAT Things About


NAPSTER and the IRS (February 2001)

One night, while writing my usual Intellectual Property appeals to the public to realize how many lives are impacted each time a song is "stolen" in use (unpaid), a crazy thought occurred to me. I wrote it up as an "exercise" in view, trying to illustrate that our copyrights are WORTH something. I don't advocate...
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ETHICS (December 2000) Business, Napster and General
Business Ethics are pretty much the same as your other life ethics. I'm talking don't steal, don't kill, don't covet. The basics. I'm also talking Napster, plagiarism, and taking credit for what you did not do, so easy to accomplish via the anonymity .... (click above link to see the rest of the article)


Napster and Eagles and Farmers, Oh My! (Ethics and Music and Emotions, too!)
an article for ZDNet (October 2000)
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The Copyright RANGE WARS of Y2K (May 2000)
Part 1 This "war" started on a list I'm a member of, on May 24, 2000. 
Here's how it keeps going and going and going....

(The <words in between these brackets> imply one person quoting a post before it.)

Fist James, thanks for the info on  It is patterned on
netradio but designed much better and is far superior.
     Re: the ethics of recording from it.  I understand the importance
of purchasing cds, firstly so the artists and composers receive...
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Part 2 JANET'S RESPONSE (continued from Pt. 1):
...Why do you think it's called "bootleg"?  Whatever it is
that is your chosen profession, would you mind giving it all away to
the list because we want it?

Cam wrote:
<<laws of the land definitely draw a distinction between the theft of
physical property and the theft(borrowing) of intellectual
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FROM August 1999, Judge's Initial Ruling Article

A U.S. federal judge shut down Napster for copyright infringements until a
trial could be held.  Another judge overturned that ruling and gave them until August 18
to justify why they should NOT be shut down.

The premise is that Napster is not "file sharing", but rather "duplicating".

The judge told the Napster reps that the same ''bright minds'' that created
Napster's technology would need to devise a solution to comply with copyright law.

Ok, most of you...