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Bowling Team 2000 !

The NARAS Bowling Bash in Studio City, California, Fall 2000

Goodnight Kiss Bowling Team
Here's most of the team:
Jayvan, Patti, Janet, Lotus, Jason, and Dave
Janet "OOPS" misses (AGAIN)
Bowling Winners at NARAS
Team winners Jason, Janet & Patti
NARAS Bowling Winner for Fender Guitar
The Fender guitar signed by
98 Degrees .
NARAS Bowling team GOODNIGHT KISS And the last of the diehard team:

Jayven, Patti, Janet and Dave

If you are an expert bowler (or a LOT of fun as a person), inquire about being on next year's team. The main requirement is you have to wear your uniform (our Staff T-Shirt) and have FUN!!!


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