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I would like to become a sponsor and be listed in the Music News and
have my 1" logo on the
contest page from now until the current contest concludes.

I understand I get both a reference in the Music News and my .jpg on the contest page,
for the cost of $50.00 (which goes toward the cash prizes).

Or, I may elect to pay $30.00 and contribute a product (minimum $25.00 worth),
which goes toward the cash and physical prizes for my product advertisement.

If your ad falls somewhere in between, just call us with your ideas.

When you fill out the form below, you will be emailed a URL (page) with a PayPal link, or you may simply send a check or money order with your product and sponsorship form via regular postal mail.

PRODUCT OR SERVICE: ___________________________________

URL LOCATION: Http://www.________________________________

___ I will be paying $50.00 to advertise my service.

___ I will be paying $30.00 and contributing a physical prize worth $25.00 to advertise my product.

__ I would like to propose another idea via email. (Don't hesitate! We are open to new, mutually beneficial ideas.)

NAME: _____________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________


PHONE NUMBER: _____________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________

TODAY'S DATE: _____________________
Please note: It can take 3-5 days to get your logo on the contest page. Thanks.

I agree to hold Goodnight Kiss Music harmless and free from any claim or responsibility or any complaint concerning my sponsorship, but expect the posting and newsletter references completed in good faith, as indicated.

PRINT NAME: _____________________________________

LEGAL SIGNATURE: _____________________________________

DATE: _____________________________________

I am over 18 (check one): -----yes_________ ----- no_______

Questions? (808) 331-0707, normal business hours, PST.

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