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Mar 12- Mar 17, 1999

Hello everyone. It is Mar. 12.

TODAY'S topic (talk amongst yourselves) is ... well, it's hard to sum up in one line, but basically is... "Do the best you can, as long as it's appropriate, puts you closer to your goal, and the results are better than doing nothing." How's that? As often is the case, this topic was inspired by a writer's email.

I received a humorous letter which complimented my page with sincerity, busted me for being condescending, credited me with being funny and informative, and asked me not to reply to the email with a joke (one of my tendencies) although the letter to me was then closed with a bit of wit that made me laugh. In all, the very human person behind this letter responded to my pages much in the way I write them. They are not exactly one-minded and perfect, but they are getting my thoughts through (obviously to people who feel, and perhaps occasionally act, as I do.) My best defense is, at least I do move forward, even if my steps are small ones.

The way I pursue music is the same way. It is not always the most perfect demo, or even song, for that matter (though I try, I swear, I try!) In the songs I write, or the songs I sign to represent, the projects I produce, etc., there are not always perfect elements present. But I have two choices. I can work with what I have (WORK with it, not make do with it) or take the steps I need to make it work. I swear I hear more whining about what people cannot afford in this business. If you can't afford it, you'll have to work with what you have, or not do it. Either way, there are realities you have to deal with. Let's break it down simplistically.

You want to write a song, but you don't play an instrument. (Can you believe I get letters that say this, then ask me what can they do about it?)

You find someone who plays and instrument, you "teach" them your song, you realize you are going to need a band (or players and a producer, if you are a songwriter.)

You find the players and realize you are going to need rehearsal time.

You start sounding so good (or you have re-written your song over enough so it sounds good,) you realize you need to Professionally Demo the work.

You need tape copies, labels, stationary just to spread the word.

(Of course it is about this time that the band breaks up, the co-writers have a fight, or an artist comes out with a worldwide hit of a song with the same title of the song you just wrote, but we won't even go here today, ok?)

You realize you need resources that contain names and addresses, and emails.

You realize you need a lawyer to draw up agreements between the band and songswriters, a publisher to represent the songs, an agent to get the gigs, a manager to keep track of it all, a label to support records and touring, a secretary to keep track of your part. You need Performing Rights Organizations to help keep track of royaties, and licensing agencies to represent mechanical pressings and film covers. You need copyright administrators to make sure the royalty counts are right. You obviously need an accountant, financial advisor, etc.

You somehow find a cousin that makes all this happen. You realize you need a publicist to help you compete with the other established artists to get grammy attention.

You win a grammy and realize that right after the grammy party, it all starts again. (Of course you are down to, after taxes, keeping about ten percent of your net earnings, your don't remember the name of your youngest child, because you have been away 2/3 of her three years, you have no friends because you are never available, and you work every holiday you used to share with your loved ones, but who's counting?)

Ok. How much of this are you prepared for? At what part are you stopped? What steps are you taking to get you closer to your goals? (Small ones, if not large ones.) Do you realize that there are no "entities" I can think of, where you simply hand your song or act over to, and all you do is sit back and write and play the rest of your days. If anyone is drawing that picture.... good luck!

As usual, I'd like to hear your thoughts. ~ janet


Right now this is the ONLY material I am listening to. THANKS for understanding.

I will be accepting CHRISTMAS songs for REVIEW starting FEB. 15 - APR. 15.

READ ON ~ They must be FULLY mastered with WONDERFUL (and "master leasable") vocals. (This means you must own the rights to the recording, as well as the song.) They CANNOT deal with DEATH, period. IF they MUST deal with disappointments, the song must be redeemed with hope or happiness at the end.

THIS PITCH IS ONLY SLATED TO RUN FROM FEB 15-APR 15...I WILL NOT NEED THIS TYPE SONG AFTER THAT. (I know some of you will come up to me at conference next year in Palo Alto and try to pitch me this stuff...ONLY TIL APR.15~!)

I am NOT interested in remakes of traditional carols. I want GROOVE, STORY, PERFORMANCE, CELEBRATION, SPIRIT, MUSICIANSHIP, MELODY... (kinda picky, huh.) ONE SONG ONLY PER WRITER!!!

DO NOT SEND BEFORE Feb 15. CLEARLY LABEL YOUR PACKAGE "CHRISTMAS PITCH". If you can't follow directions, you will not be considered. Somebody please write some anthems, or likeable pop stuff... we have a LOT of Country already. Thanks!

If your song HONESTLY fits this criteria, send it to : Goodnight Kiss Music; 10153 1/2 Riverside Dr. #239; Toluca Lake, CA 91602. Thanks.

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