Goodnight Kiss Music (BMI) and Scene Stealer Music (ASCAP)

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  • Submission Policy

    Hello and thanks for writing to Goodnight Kiss Music and Scene Stealer Music.  

    Our publishing companies work with single songs of master quality, and style is determined by what the Industry calls us for at the time.   Since we publish mainly for Film, TV, and our own special projects that we produce, our needs are varied, but time-oriented and specific.  

    We do occasionally use instrumental songs. (We can only place what the Industry is requesting at the time.)  We sometimes license a master without any publishing interest; other times we ask for material as music publishers, for our own catalog.  All requests are truly a case-by-case basis, depending on what is requested from us.  

    On the rare occasion that a project I am supervising is accepting indie songs, those listings will also be in the news; but for the most part, when I am called to supervise, it is to handle the licenses of known material.  

    To see what we are looking for and when we are looking, you need to subscribe to our email Newsletter. It is the sanest way of communicating with all the writers who send us inquires.

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  • It comes 1-3 times per month, by request only, and is loaded with pro articles, great Q&A, special software links, and often a pretty good opportunity or two for pitching material.   It is truly the only way we can quickly inform everyone when an immediate call is requested.  We charge a $5 per year subscription fee, as it's about the only way to avoid all the spam.   

    There is also a free version of the news (without pitch information, but with other industry audition information).  To subscribe, send an email to:

    We do NOT sell or pass along your information for any reason, other than as enforced by law.   If we do announce a need at the site or in the newsletter, you are welcome to submit something appropriate at that time.  All requests have a deadline and specific submission information.  There are no charges to pitch us, but we only listen to the styles we request before posted deadlines.  

    Beginning writers and artists should read through these articles:     "Don't Dream It, DO It"  -
    "Nobody Cares"  -  

    We also occasionally list other publishers looking for things in the newsletter.   Sorry, but please do NOT send anything we don't specifically ask for.   Understand that we get, literally, 350 - 700 emails per DAY, asking career questions, discussing industry practices, requesting that we review material -- and the truth is, it is ONLY the paid uses of our song catalog, along with the sales of our fine products, that keeps our company alive.  

    It is from those earnings that new projects are created, and new music might be licensed -- so that is where we must spend our time.  

    What we do (so you know what we will be looking for): 

    or my own bio: .  

    Or, if you want to see what we have signed and/or invested in, from independent writers and artists, see: and: .  

    If you are looking for a consultation, evaluation, or class, please look here:
    To "see" my songwriting philosophy, check this interview with the West Coast Songwriters Association:  

    If you want to make an appointment for 1-on-1 time, you'll need to call the office to set a time.  

    On Twitter, look for JanetFisherCom, JanetFisher, or Goodnightkiss. To invite from Facebook, send the invitation to prosongwriter1 (at) aol (dot) com.

    If you are advertising a product, service or show, ask about our affordable ad rates in our music newsletter that goes to over 6,500 loyal double-opt-in subscribers.  Ads start at $25.00.  

    Thanks again for considering Goodnight Kiss.  

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  • Janet Fisher

    Goodnight Kiss Music (BMI)
    Scene Stealer Music (ASCAP)
    "How am I writing?
    Call (808) 331-0707"


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