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Mar 26- Mar 31, 1999

TODAY'S TOPIC ~ What's in a word?

Most of you who are online already know that a name or single word can intrigue you, or make you want to look more closely at something. Because you are songwriters, you already know the power of the sung and spoken word. Now these may seem like obvious questions to some of you, but I ask them based on the tapes I am hearing lately.

Do you go over your work word by word to find the best choices?
Are you using words like "just", "oh", "well", "baby", etc, to make rhythms fit?
Do your songs refer to weather, when weather has nothing to do with the action?
Do you rely on "suddenly" or "all at once" to put action in your lyric, or "in my life" to show time passing?
I can go on, but you get my point.

We all have songs that contain one or more of the above mentioned. But these days, to stay competitive, we are going to have to work a bit harder at originality. Go back through your favorite three songs you have written. Savor each word. Say or sing them aloud. Do they add flavor and feeling and more to the picture of your wonderful song, living up to all you are trying to make the listener love? Or did you take a shortcut or two?

Those of you who have pitched material to me before know that I am picky about what I sign, and only sign what I love. Just realize that I'm not the only one listening who feels this way. The people that I pitch to ALSO recognize and respond to details as small as one word, or an incredibly effective placement of a single melody note.

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I AM CONTINUING THE POLL. If you haven't responded yet, PLEASE do so. My battle plan for the upcoming millenium is partly based on your feedback.

Poll Choices:
1. NO Indy Projects for me!!
2. Indy Projects are ok, as long as the Majors still get pitched afterwards. .
3.Indy Projects are my favorites, because they are not as demanding.
4.I don't care where I get cut, just get me cut!
5.Depends on the Indy Project
6.Other (be specific with a response.)

Ok. What is your take? Send me an email.



Right now this is the ONLY material I am listening to. THANKS for understanding.

I will be accepting CHRISTMAS songs for REVIEW starting FEB. 15 - APR. 15.

READ ON ~ They must be FULLY mastered with WONDERFUL (and "master leasable") vocals. (This means you must own the rights to the recording, as well as the song.) They CANNOT deal with DEATH, period. IF they MUST deal with disappointments, the song must be redeemed with hope or happiness at the end.

THIS PITCH IS ONLY SLATED TO RUN FROM FEB 15-APR 15...I WILL NOT NEED THIS TYPE SONG AFTER THAT. (I know some of you will come up to me at conference next year in Palo Alto and try to pitch me this stuff...ONLY TIL APR.15~!)

I am NOT interested in remakes of traditional carols. I want GROOVE, STORY, PERFORMANCE, CELEBRATION, SPIRIT, MUSICIANSHIP, MELODY... (kinda picky, huh.) ONE SONG ONLY PER WRITER!!!

DO NOT SEND BEFORE Feb 15. CLEARLY LABEL YOUR PACKAGE "CHRISTMAS PITCH". If you can't follow directions, you will not be considered. Somebody please write some anthems, or likeable pop stuff... we have a LOT of Country already. Thanks!

If your song HONESTLY fits this criteria, send it to : Goodnight Kiss Music; 10153 1/2 Riverside Dr. #239; Toluca Lake, CA 91602. Thanks.

more specific. I want to help in any way I can.

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