Flying High With Broken Wings

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The Song

(J.H. Espinoza / D. Pettegrew)
Goodnight Kiss Records

We will deliver a high-quality MP3 version of the song,
via email, for a donation of $5 or more.

is performed by Margie

ALL PROFITS from song downloads go directly to help
breast cancer survivors through the American Cancer Society.*

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is a revelation for women who will discover that their lives can be profoundly changed. Revealing powerful accounts of such women across all cultural barriers to divulge commonalities such as low self-esteem and economic entrapment. Truth is sometimes painful. The empowering stories between these pages emerged from those painful personal experiences. They are sometimes those dark family secrets, the skeletons in our closets or the Pandora's Box...

is an honest and no-holds-barred look into the lives of the author, a vocalist and other courageous women. Each one ultimately achieving redemption from government dependency, drugs or alcohol, incest, sexual abuse and abusive relationships through self-examination and communion with others...

captures a potpourri of sincere emotions and the brilliant spectrum of change and growth like no other book. It also includes pages thoughtfully chosen pertaining to the subjects of "Domestic Violence", "Childcare" and the "Ex-Offender's Job Search" in order to reach, support, offer hope, inspire, direct and give incentive to every reader...

Finally, there is the FLYING HIGH WITH BROKEN WINGS CD single, especially written and sung, revealing the determination of the human will to break through barriers of low self-esteem, betrayal, victimization, helplessness and economic entrapment in order to soar to higher levels of personal fulfillment and achievement...

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The Book

From Welfare to Wonderful
a down-to-earth guide for any woman with a desire to soar...

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FLYING HIGH WITH BROKEN WINGS-a valuable life sustaining resource that every woman should have at her fingertips. Watch for upcoming conferences and seminars for your chance to meet Janet, in person, or email her at, and to hear the CD single, FLYING HIGH WITH BROKEN WINGS, performed live by Margie, who can personally share with you how she managed to make the changes in her life and now she is... FLYING HIGH WITH BROKEN WINGS.

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1999 - 2011
Goodnight Kiss Records is proud to be the record label for
Flying High With Broken Wings


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to the American Cancer Society.